It happened to me that I had a TFS enlistment in a virtual hard drive, and when I attached it to a different virtual machine, well, the host name and the drive letter were different. "tf workspaces" was not enough this time. But finally, I was able to found the information of my work space doing this:

  1. Query all work spaces from the server: tf workspaces /owner:* /collection:http://SourceControlServer:8080/TeamProjectCollection
  2. Find your old work space in the results, and take note of the name and the old computer name.
  3. Update the computer name: tf workspaces /updateComputerName:YourOldComputerName /collection:http://SourceControlServer:8080/TeamProjectCollection
  4. Fix the path (Local Folder): tf workspace YourWorkspaceName /collection:http://SourceControlServer:8080/TeamProjectCollection

Don't forget to replace YourWorkspaceName, YourOldComputerName, SourceControlServer and TeamProjectCollection with your own information.

Voilà! Now it is fixed.