Mocoyoyo Messenger bot helps you track important events

Mocoyoyo is a bot that helps you count the days until any important date or event. For example your birthday, your next trip to Europe, your wedding, or the Chinese New Year.

It is very easy to use, simply answer four questions: year, month, day, and name of the event, and select how often you want to receive reminders.

Click here to talk to Mocoyoyo bot now!

Pin useful information to Windows' start menu with the F8 app

Download and install the F8 app to convert Windows start menu tiles into keyboard shortcut reminders or notes about anything else.

  • Pin as many tiles as you want, and organize them on the start menu the way you want.
  • Tiles are very convenient to find. Press the Windows key to show them or hide them.
Thirteen tiles with different VSCode and Chrome dev tool shortcuts.

The F8 app is written in JavaScript and it is open source, click here to get the source code.